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Stanton Telecom

Stanton Telecom is one of the amazing companies that sponsors our team.  They have provided an amazing internet access experience and that internet allows our server to upload videos, images, programming, and other files faster than light speed.  Visit them today by clicking on their logo above.

Applied Connective Technologies

Applied Connective is another spectacular company that has chose to sponsor us. They have provided server space for us to host our website files on. Their amazing service is very fast and responsive to our DNS service. Visit their website today by clicking their logo above.

Dassault Systèmes

Another amazing company that has chosen to sponsor FTC is Dassault Systèmes. They make SOLIDWORKS and have chosen to donate a copy for us to use. We use that to design our robot on the computer. You can visit their website today by clicking their logo above.


Cargill is another awesome company that has decided to make our area teams possible by becoming a sponsor. Our robotics club area has received a Cargill Cares grant. That grant has helped our team to start and help other teams in our area. You can visit their website today by clicking their logo above.

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